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This does not favor the peace process and the Palestinian return to negotiations, Israel will study the agreement and consider its next steps accordingly. “Agreement.” thesaurus, merriam weaver, Retrieved November 27, 2020. Unfortunately, there is no antonym to the agreement. He advised her to be conscientious in turn and to demand a copy of the agreement. Agreement (name) — The statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises. z.B. “You had an agreement not to interfere in the affairs of the other” What prompted you to follow the agreement? Please let us know where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). The results of my experiment are in agreement with Michelson`s and with the law of the general theory of relativity. This decision means that thousands of retired National Football League players who suffer from devastating neurocognitive injuries and those worried about their future will now be forced to wait many months for the immediate care and support they deserve, with more than 99 percent participation, it is clear that the community of retired players overwhelmingly supports this agreement. “there was no concordance between theory and measurement”; “The results of two tests were in agreement” I don`t remember our agreement saying anything about it. But the confident tone did not provide an answer to Mary`s approval.

We are close, we all want to reach an agreement. Left: translation of the agreement for the Spanish language agreement (name) – Compatibility of observations. Ex.. .