Bank Of America Scheduled Transfer Agreement

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You also recognize and accept that Bank of America may use third parties to assist in Cash Flow Monitor`s performance, as it deems necessary and at its sole discretion. Your use of Cash Flow Monitor allows you to allow Bank of America and its service providers to collect, process, process, use and store information and information about third-party accounts as described in this addendum. Your use of the Services may also be affected by your filing agreement and disclosures, including the applicable pricing plan (“deposit contract”) or any other agreement with us regarding your related Bank of America accounts and/or an agreement with our related companies for your service-related accounts, including your investment accounts at Merrill. If an account is linked to the Services, it does not change the agreements you already have with us or our related companies for that account, and you will continue to be subject to the terms and conditions we have given you in the agreement and disclosure of the linked account. The terms and conditions of these account agreements, including all fees incurred, transaction restrictions, liability rules and any other restrictions that may affect your use of an account with the Services, are included in this Agreement. In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of these account agreements and this agreement, the terms of the applicable account agreement are prevalent, unless that agreement otherwise disposes of them. Let us know if you feel your online bank passport code has been compromised or if someone has transferred or can transfer money from your account without your permission. The best way to minimize your loss is to call immediately. Unauthorized use of your online banking services could cause you to lose all your money in your accounts, plus the amount available as part of your hedging plan. With the Bank of America Mobile Banking App, it`s never been easier to transfer money between your Bank of America accounts.

You don`t need SafePass to send an international transfer unless you exceed a limit set by your account type. If you exceed this limit, you will be asked to log in to SafePass. If you send an international transfer to a new account, you`ll need bank or debit card information (account number, expiry date and 3-digit security code) or your SafePass mobile device`s unique password code. The account management service allows you to set up account access levels (including personalized access to Bill Pay) in the online bank.