Business Asset Sale Agreement Sample

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The Seller may not occupy, manage, manage, operate, participate in the ownership, management or control of a business, or be related to the ownership, management or control of an enterprise within the geographic area __ within the geographic area ____ years from the date of signature of this Agreement. If seller violates or threatens to violate this section, buyer and/or company are entitled to an injunction and injunction that prevents seller from violating the provisions. Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent the Company from pursuing other available remedies in the event of infringement or imminent breach, including recovery of damages from seller. one. take the necessary steps to guarantee “business as usual” after the sale and before the formal surrender of the assets The seller owns assets of __ The sale with payment of the balance of the acomphement by the buyer, in accordance with section 4 above, and the delivery of the contract of sale by the seller is made on or before ____ The assets of this sale (listed, attached) are transferred by a standard sale made by the seller. This agreement represents the parties` complete and current understanding of the sale of the transaction, as described in this agreement. PURPOSE 1.1 Buyer agrees to buy and Seller agrees to sell to Buyer, as a continuation business, all businesses and assets owned by Seller in connection with the [type of transaction] operated as [YOUR BUSINESS NAME] under [YOUR FULL ADDRESS] (the “Transaction”), including without limiting the general quality of the foregoing: the seller wishes to sell certain assets of the business to the buyer (who: “assets”), as provided for in the agreement, and the buyer wishes to buy the assets. Buyer and Seller (and, where applicable, the terms “Brokers” for Commercial Sale) are referred to as “parties” (or in the singular “party”) of this Agreement. c. (optional) stay in the business for a period of ____ months after the closing of the sale (clearly state the terms, whether full-time or part-time, the specific role and payment terms) If you are an individual entrepreneur, you can only sell assets because there is no business unit or shares to sell. . .