Contract Farming Agreement In Hindi

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The contract relates to an agreement between farmers and marketing companies on the production and supply of agricultural products at predetermined prices, within the framework of agricultural advance agreements. In simple terms, it is agriculture for which there is a contract (contract) between the farmer and the marketing holding, which contains all the essential elements such as the price of the harvest and payment to the farmer, etc. Like contracts (How is the contract) Information for farmers and entrepreneurs (important information for farmers and employees) Farmers most often depend on nature. Field crops sometimes suffer from rain and sometimes drought. Currently, the government is working on a large scale for the agricultural sector to reduce losses to farmers. Tell us that most small farmers grow in our country. In the same way, the government motivates peasants to cultivate in a modern way (modern methods). A new medium has also been proposed, called Contracting Farming, Contract Farming or Contract Farming (Contract Farming). Today, we are learning about contract farming. What is Contract Agriculture? And what are the advantages of introducing this type of agriculture for the peasant brothers and what are the problems that may arise in the resumption of this agriculture? At the same time, we will also discuss the 2018 Model Law on Contract Farming (Model Law on Agricultural Contracts, 2018). .

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