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Delta filed a verified complaint with the Northern District Court of Georgia on 5 December 2000.   The complaint alleged an unlawful act of work in violation of the Railway Labor Act (RLA), 45 U.S.C. §§151-188.8 The complaint listed fifty-one defendants, including ALPA, the MEC and its officials, as well as several individual pilots.9 Delta filed applications for injunctions (“TRO”) and an interlocutory order on December 5. On December 6, the District Court held a hearing on Delta`s applications for an TRO and a publication ban. The Regional Court rejected both applications on 11 December.   Delta filed its emergency complaint the next day, December 12.   Delta also applied for interim measures, which appealed;  we rejected that request on 13 December.   However, in the same vein, we have responded to Delta`s request for an expedited appeal.   On an expedited basis, the oral proceedings were decided on 11 January 2001. The impact of the pilots` overtime campaign can be seen in Delta`s flight statistics.   In the past, Delta does not cancel more than one or two flights out of 2,700 per day due to a lack of pilots.   However, in November 1999, pilots made an average of 2,053 daily overtime requests;  In November 2000, there were on average only 1,276 daily requests.

  In the first three days of December 1999, pilots made an average of 1,678 daily requests;  An average of 503 requests were made in December 2000.   Delta cancelled a total of ten flights in November 1999 due to a shortage of pilots, while in November 2000 it cancelled 375 flights.   During the first three days of December 1999, Delta had no cancellations;  In the first three days of December 2000, Delta cancelled 386 flights.5 It is evident that pilots` efforts to refuse overtime affect both Delta`s flight plan and the public.6 ALPA represents and supports more than 62,000 pilots in 33 United States. and Canadian airlines, making it the world`s largest airline pilots` union. 5. Delta provided additional information indicating that more than 1 200 flights were cancelled between 19 November 2000 and 10 December 2000 and that an additional 4 037 scheduled flights were cancelled between 11 December 2000 and 1 January 2001, all due to a lack of pilots. Delta Air Lines flies to more destinations worldwide than any other airline with Delta and Delta Connection flights to 312 destinations in 61 countries. Over the past two years, Delta has added more international capabilities than any major U.S.

airline and is the leader on the other side of the Atlantic with flights to 44 transatlantic markets. Delta offers 393 weekly flights to Latin America and the Caribbean to 47 destinations. Delta`s marketing alliances also allow customers to collect and redeem SkyMiles on more than 16,000 flights from SkyTeam and other partners. Delta is a founding member of SkyTeam, a global airline alliance that offers customers extensive global destinations, flights and services. Including skyTeam and a global codeshare partner, Delta offers flights to 500 global destinations in 105 countries. Customers can check in at for flights, print boarding passes, drop off luggage and flight status. Listen to the audio file from this discussion. Forward-Looking Statements This press release contains “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.

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