Dubious Agreement

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These examples are automatically chosen from different online message sources to reflect the current use of the word “dubious.” The opinions expressed in the examples do not give the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its publishers. Send us feedback. Whatever the sound of things, the chord is based on a simple principle: the verb corresponds to its simple subject – the main subject or pronoun in the subject minus all the modifiers. Modifiers include adjectives or groups of words (for example.B. prepositional sentences) that describe the simple theme. It`s a simple principle, but it can sometimes go wrong. Table 5 shows the proportion of questionable contracts by university to better understand how bad contracts are at the institutional level. The proportion of PhD students who are offered a “dubious contract” has still not decreased, so they have to complete their PhD in less time than the four full-time years it actually takes. Doctoral positions at Dutch universities are expected to be full-time for four years, as provided for in the July 2018 collective agreement. The proportion of doctoral student contracts that do not meet this requirement has varied between 10 and 15% in recent years. But there are big differences between universities, according to the PNN. At TU Eindhoven, for example, only 1.5% of the contracts offered are of a dubious nature. There are opportunities for improvement at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (20.3%), the University of Groningen (20.2%) and erasmus University Rotterdam (19%).

First, I propose the language of 183 words “no obligation to prosecute”, which is contained in a standard confidentiality agreement drawn up by a partner of a large law firm and published by the legal notice of a large legal publishing house: Until the parties reach a final agreement on the proposed transaction, neither party is required to continue the planned transaction. The problem of dubious contracts has certainly been present in recent years, Mattijssen explains. “But no one really seemed to care. Now you can clearly see which universities follow the rules. I hope that others will take note of it and improve their path. One has to wonder if the author and editor tasted these wines freely when creating the article, because the sentence presents a classic disagreement: the verb (offer) does not correspond to its theme (implementation). This is the first of the two articles on the agreement. The second part will be published in the next issue. Compared to the previous year, the proportion of PhD students who are offered a contract of less than 4 years or only a part-time job has not decreased, says Promovendi Netwerk Nederland (PhD Network Netherlands). TU Eindhoven barely works with “dubious contracts”, unlike Amsterdam VU, which inspires the ranking of dubious contracts. Utrecht University is in fifth place. PhD students at Dutch universities should be full-time for four years.

This was stipulated in the global employment contract in July 2018. Take, for example, this sentence that just came back to me from the pages of a recent travel magazine: Questionable contracts Of the 1872 vacancies at Academic Transfer, more than 12 percent were made up of dubious contracts: these are contracts with a duration of less than four years or four years, but whose vocation is not full-time. . . .