Employee Motor Vehicle Agreement

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To be eligible for a company vehicle, employees must complete a form and file a copy of their driver`s license. Employees can only drive a company car if they have had a valid driver`s license and a clean ticket for at least [X years]. The Company Vehicles Directive gives employees guidance on the acquisition, qualification and use of a company vehicle. A “company” vehicle means any vehicle assigned [company name] to employees. This Directive shall apply to all employees who use a company vehicle and shall apply during and outside working time. Please indicate which of your employees is allowed to drive company cars. For example, fleet pilots, sales managers, and executives who need to attend out-of-town sales conferences all need access to company vehicles, but employees like receptionists and creatives probably don`t need to use a car to do their jobs. Make sure your drivers know the rules of the road. While it`s the driver`s responsibility to stay on the line above driving rules and regulations, there`s no harm in completing safety training to ensure your riders always remember the driving and giving. Most companies conduct mandatory training seminars for new drivers as soon as they get the job or access to vehicles, as well as an annual verification course to refresh everyone`s memory. Apart from the above, indicate what types of acts or omissions merit a “violation of the Company Directive”. In this section, you must indicate what type of disciplinary action will be taken against any employee who violates the company`s guidelines.

It is important to define this section, as it gives you something to refer to when staff members attempt to challenge disciplinary measures. To avoid this dilemma, companies should choose to adopt a comprehensive guideline describing the personal use of a company vehicle by an employee. Unfortunately, it`s not always easy to plan a directive – fortunately, we`ve prepared this handy guide! [Company Name] [does not allow/permit on a case-by-case basis] personal use of company vehicles. Personal use includes the use of the vehicle for personal shopping between business activities, commuting/workplace trips or use of the vehicle outside of business hours.** [All workplace safety rules remain applicable when a company vehicle is used for personal use.] ** No, employees must meet certain criteria to qualify for a company vehicle. For example, they first need a valid driver`s license and a clean ticket for a while. General Rating – This refers to the price the employee would pay to move the vehicle to the same geographic location during the same period of time. This is also the section in which you set the rules of whether partners, spouses, children or other family members of the staff can use the company`s property. Finally, you indicate whether blocked employees should immediately surrender the company`s vehicle or whether there is an additional time for returns. A clean driving record means that the employee has not been held responsible for a car accident or arrested for violating vehicle and transport legislation.

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