Example Law Firm Partnership Agreement

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It is true that this is an extremely complex part of setting up a law firm. 9.03. Exemption. The Registry shall exempt any lawyer of the firm, including Senior Counsel, whether or not he has withdrawn in accordance with 5 6.06 (f), from any costs (including attorneys` fees), judgments, fines and amounts paid to him in comparison, which are actually and reasonably related to an action, legal action or (civil) proceeding. B. criminal, administrative or investigative costs, if such expenses, judgments, fines or other amounts result from the fact that that person defines or has defined the services of a staff pension plan (as defined in ERISA 3 (3j) or as a trustee (as defined in section 3 (21) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act 1974 as amended (ERISA), or a similar plan maintained by the partnership, provided that such compensation does not apply to persons who have been guilty of wilful misconduct or wilful violation of criminal law. Any reference to a lawyer in this section includes his or her heirs, executors and administrators. However, these provisions form the basis of any good partnership contract. The particularities may be different for each law firm, but this does not mean that the different sections change. But what happens when a partner is no longer productive or becomes a burden on the company? As with any partnership agreement between two companies, you should have a system. Few people know that it is actually illegal for law firm partnerships to have investors outside the United States, at the time of this letter. This means that all contributions must take the form of loans from financial institutions and the partners themselves.

An agreement format could also stipulate that there is a weighted vote. This is where things can get complex. Let`s look at disability first. Disability is difficult, especially if it is permanent, as partners may feel compelled to support people with disabilities, regardless of the financial integrity of the business. 3.C No distribution to partners other than Equity Partner. no distribution may be made to partners other than equity partners; on the contrary, those other partners shall be compensated by the treatment, by mutual agreement of each partner concerned and by a simple majority of the Management Committee. Per capita voting is the most common electoral system. It is a voice for every lawyer in partnership. It`s as simple as that. A majority wins, although you can indicate whether some major decisions require a two-thirds majority.

This is only a limited number of responsibilities that you need to cover in this scenario. I recommend considering a partnership agreement for law firms, to make sure you don`t spare your efforts. Disputes with partnership agreements between law firms can lead to disagreements, conflicts and chaos. 2.11. Partnership.