Service Level Agreement Examples Accounting

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Ultimately, this helps to offer a scalable accounting service that bypasses flexible hours, holidays, and holidays. For example, when the team and I went to Cambodia for a week, we let our clients know in advance and carefully met their expectations. If one of your members leaves, that relationship is in the whole team. It`s a relationship with your company as a whole and not with a single accountant. A service level agreement is a legally binding document that states that we will provide certain services according to a set schedule. If we do not comply with the Service Level Agreement, you may take action against us, including notification to the Better Business Bureau. The drafting of this agreement is useful at so many levels. First, it helps the delegation. There are things you participate in as a founder, then as a chief accountant and then as a junior accountant. Use ALS to divide the work between your school leavers, qualified AATs, and managers. Your employees do not sign SLAs.

Independent contractors do not sign SLAs. However, if you work with, we are responsible, in accordance with the conditions described in the SLA, for ensuring that our accountants, who are all W2 employees whom we have hired, comply with the agreements we promise you. You will complete the accounting processes accurately and punctually each month, or we are responsible for it. Once you`ve spoken to your customer, understood their business requirements, and created an SLA, it`s time to share it for verification. If you both sign it, you can revoke this agreement at any time in case of confusion or dispute in the future. An SLA goes beyond your traditional engagement letter and provides an over-the-board framework for stimulating other conversations that will bring you closer to the heart of your business. For the first time you`re taking on an accounting client, check your service offering and every step related to the supply. What do you do, what does your client do and who will make sure it happens? If you offer something special or different, you can use this SLA to sketch out the differences and reflect them in your final pricing. If you win new customers, how do you define your services? You can also use it to stimulate more conversations with your customers.

When you discuss it, ask questions about your business. What are their challenges? What do they want to accomplish? Then, use that knowledge to create more value and create truly more valuable services. If you`re tired of accountants enjoying deadlines and don`t understand the impact of their accounting mistakes on your business, it`s time to give us a call. You can count on the professional virtual accounting services to which is bound. Your SLA is a proof of concept that changes from time to time and evolves with you.