Sofa Agreement In English

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3289th Convention of 25 July 1955; and (3) an economic aid agreement (T.I.A.S. 3835. agreement of 18 and 22 May 1957). However, in response to the revolution of July 14, 1958 and the ensuing changes in the Iraqi government, the United States agreed to denounce the above-mentioned agreements (10 U.S.T. 1415); T.I.A.S. 4289; 357 U.N.S.T. 153. Exchange of notes in Baghdad on 30 May and 7 July 1959. Entered into force on 21 July 1959). In 1951, before Germany was a member of NATO, the United States and Germany entered into an agreement67 concerning the assurances required by the Mutual Security Act of 1951.68 Germany joined NATO in 1955 and concluded a mutual defence assistance agreement in the same year69 obliging the United States to “this type of equipment, Materials, services or other assistance, as agreed” to Germany.70 While NATO`s SOFA provides comprehensive language for establishing jurisdiction, the United States is associated with many SOFAs that appear to have a very fundamental rule for determining jurisdiction. .

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